About Blade and Soul Guide

As soon as we knew that Blade and Soul is coming to American soil, we wasted no time in setting up this blog. We have been following this game for a long time, with a prayer that it releases to NA, and now it is here! Be warned though that what you will find here are not official information or not entirely foolproof. What we have here are compilation of notes from our research that we keep updated and as informative and useful as we can. Hope you can find them helpful as we have in your Blade and Soul gaming!

Learn how to reach the level cap within 2 days with this Blade and Soul Strategy Guide by Killer Guides. In-depth leveling strategies, class builds, crafting and gathering tips, gold making and more are included in this nifty manual. I myself bought the guide already and wrote my review here.


This portion is dandily divided into two parts only. Gameplay consists of our experiences and research when actually playing the game. While News consists of developer announcement and everything that’s new about the game.


Our pages are divided into:

  • Leveling – Information on how to level up your character efficiently.
  • Race – Know the strengths and weaknesses of each race and know which class they are compatible with.
  • Class – This will set your path on what you will become in the game.
  • Gameplay – Notes and information on how to best play the game.
  • Faction – Know the different factions and the clans that make them up.
  • Crafting – Information on the game’s crafting system.


Aside from the above, we have also compiled a database of information that comprises everything a reader may want to know on a specific topic. It is more in-depth and more comprehensive than the ones that you will normally read in the posts.


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