Many strange and curious creatures can be found throughout the region. The Beast Kin are different from the humans and animals. Comparing the Beast Kin to the humans do not go down well with the former. What’s more are there are also Sacred Beasts, ancient monsters, and even mystical machines that come to life. There are more beings than these but we will tackle those that we encounter regularly, they have one thing in common though. They are neither cute nor fuzzy.


Mistaken for mindless Automatons, these stone golems are earth spirits of some sort, naturally conveying the surrounding Chi of the world through their cores. These creatures come in many sizes, from as small as a pebble to as big as mountains. For fear of upsetting the spirits, it’s best not to fool around with them, as they are considered as ancient guardians of the earth.


There are creatures that although not made of flesh and blood, can also live and die. They are either sculpted from the earth, born from the trees, or forged from iron. Crafted from ore and clay, the Terracotta Soldiers are often accompanied by their guardian lions, the enormous Ironfang. Made from wood or metal and given life through infusions of Chi, the half-witted but humble Training Dummies were made by humans in their own image. The true masters of creating Automatons were the ancient Naryu. Otherworldly wonders that continue to inspire craftsmen to this day are made by them.

blade and soul automatons

The Undead

Death doesn’t always necessary mean the end of life. Some may rise again resolute against decay. Harmless ghosts are results of the lingering souls of the dead. Meanwhile, a dreadful undead nightmare is the result of a corpse infused with Dark Chi. Some are the conception of foul human efforts, while others happen where Dark Chi naturally corrupts.

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This term encompasses a wide variety of predators that live in the world. Some are watchful birds of prey that soar through the skies, while others are flightless that dart across the deserts and mountains. The Scalebeak are reptilian cousins of the Raptor which are just as widely varied as their feathered kin. Raptors are generally no real threat and are a popular part of common cuisine, although they are all territorial and brutal. Found in the desert are bones of ancient Raptors that show they once grew to atrocious size with wings that can cover the sun. Stalking the land are the bloodthirsty Jiangshi who are still dressed in their funeral garb. Marching through the night are the Skeletal Soldiers of long-dead armies.

blade and soul Scalebeak


The monstrous Thrashers are the true representation of nature’s fury. Even the warriors of the Snapjaw Tribe respect these tyrannical predators’ might and face them as worthy foes. The Thrashers are predators of the highest order, with a universally huge size, constant starvation for flesh, and cunning in battle. Some can weaken their prey by spewing vile toxins before moving in for the bone-crushing kill.

The Spider Queen

Where this ancient monster came from or how it continues to thrive in the world today, nobody can give a clear answer. But what is definite is, everybody knows the threat it poses. Lurking deep within the bowels of the earth, the Dokumo, or the Spider Queen, is a large, dreadful arachnid. Armies of skittering Giant Spiders are spawned in its nest, and these creatures are able to seize a human instantly and drag them to their shrieking death. If you see one spider, be cautious as there will be more of them around.

blade and soul the spider queen