Blade Master

blade and soul blade master artwork

Available Races:

Blade Master ‘ versatility is one giant reason why it is played by majority. The Blade Master is an all-around martial artists that is both impressive in both offense and defense.

The Blade Master has two available stance: Basic Stance or Draw Stance. Based on the stance that they have at the time, varying skills can be made available for the character. When a situation arises that will call for a powerful explosion of damage or protection., the Flock of Blades will prove to be useful. Although it is rather short in time range, both stance can provide this skill.

Blade Masters are ruthless in the battlefield since they are armed with a wide range of attack and defense abilities. Their defense are impermeable with effective evading and counterattack. Their attacks are lightning fast and painstakingly executed.

Switching between stances can be easily and speedily done by a Blade Master even when in the middle of a fight. They have the ability to combine various forms of attacks from the Basic Stance or the Draw Stance which are impressively fast. Each stance also has different sets of skills that are exclusive to each. One of the many skills which are really a sight to behold is when they have summoned the Flock of Blades technique.

Although the Blade Master is rather arduous to learn, it is nonetheless easy and well-rounded. In order for the Blade Master class to really work, it will require skills and ability to decide in split seconds. Nonetheless, it doesn’t have weak points that opponents can use to their advantage.

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Blade Master Gameplay

Fire and Lightning – these are the two kinds of damage that a Blade Master can deal. An elemental damage also accompanies some, but not all, skills. When the right item has been selected, skills that do will have higher damage dealt. In the long run, especially when you reach the dungeons in the end game, damages of these type will prove to be very useful.

The skilled Blade Master will prove to be of great help when placed in a party. This class is very advantageous in distracting the boss to make way for other members in the party to complete what they are assigned to do. The Blade Master does this by dealing high-damage combos and keeps the threat at a sustained level by moving on to a more defensive play style.

Keep in mind that it is important to keep the balance in switching stances when it comes to arena PvP. It is good to know that you deal high damage with abilities when in Draw Stance. However, if you are restricted in movement or is limited by conditions frequently, then having a high possibility for damage will be nullified.

blade and soul blade master gameplay

Blade Master Combos

Common Combos

Combo 1
1. Block (1)

2. Cyclone (LMB)

3. Anklebiter (3)

4. Breeze (LMB)

5. Gale (LMB)

6. Divebomb (F)

Combo 2
1. Blade Call (V) – Tier 4 Move 2

2. Lightning Retribution (C) – Tier 3 Move 2

3. Whirling Scourge (V)

4. Lightning Draw (4)

5. Blade Storm (X)

6. Blitzblade Scourge (Z)

Combo 3
1. Blindside (Q)

2. Flicker (LMB)

3. Honed Slash (RMB)

4. Blindside (E)

5. Pierce (RMB) – Tier 3 Move 1

6. Pierce (RMB) – Tier 3 Move 1

7. Pierce (RMB) – Tier 3 Move 1

PvP Combo

1: Rush (2) – Tier 3 Move 1

2: Take Flight (F) – Tier 2 Move 1

3: Blade Call (V) – Tier 4 Move 2

4: Heavenly Dance (RMB)

5: Soaring Falcon (Z)

6: Ascend (LMB)

7: Lightning Retribution (C) – Tier 3 Move 2

8: Greater Lightning Draw (4) – Tier 5 Move 2

9: Five Point Strike (3) – Tier 3 Move 1

10: Rising Eagle (LMB)

11: Ascend (LMB)

12: Shoulder Charge (C) – Tier 2 Move 2

13: Blindside (Q)

14: Honed Slash (RMB) – Tier 2 Move 1

15: Flicker (LMB) – Tier 4 Move 2

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