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In Blade and Soul, the class that has the most stopping power is no other than the Destroyer. Placeing themselves as the biggest threat in the area, elicit an attack reaction from the opponents with their intimidating presence. They then overwhelm the enemy as soon as they have its attention.

The Grab is a skill that is unique to the Destroyer. Opponents rendered defenseless can alos be used as additional weapons that they can hurl at their enemies. While allies who are stuck in a sticky situation can be easily scooped up and taken to safety.

Contrary to what most believe based on a the Destroyer’s play style, they are not entirely lone wolves by choice. They do however perform better when in a group, collaborating best with the Assassin, Force Master, or Kung Fu Master.

The Destroyer’s position is on the front lines of combat and their play style is melee. They always like to be where the action is.

Keeping an opponent guessing on what their next move is one of the many Destroyer skills. The Grab is this class’ signature maneuver. That in addition to the Destroyer’s daunting size that also enables them to immobilize, confuse, and bring down enemies. Using the Grab, the Destroyer can spin their helpless enemies in the air, perform a combo of fatal attacks which can also be performed with the help of another ally.

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Destroyer Gameplay

Earth and Shadow are the two types of damage that this class can deal. An elemental damage also accompanies some, but not all, skills. When the right item has been selected, skills that do will have higher damage dealt. In the long run, especially when you reach the dungeons in the end game, damages of these type will prove to be very useful.

Since the Destroyer has a low threat effect, keeping the enemy busy is not really a priority for the Destroyer although they do like to be in the front line of battle. Providing support is what they are good at instead, with their high survival and strength giving enough possibility to do so. Removing health problems, protecting the weak, and rescuing allies are what they are good at. That group combo that party members are participating in is probably set up by the Destroyer.

By simply whirling away, the Destroyer can easily get out of any endeavor to trap them in arena PvP. You can trick your enemies to waste away their escapes while in cooldown, and take that opportunity to overpower them with a combo of immobilization and confusion. And when they are finally helpless, concentrate on critical damage, and with consecutive axe cleaves, finish the game for them.

blade and soul destroyer gameplay

Destroyer Combos

Common Combos

Combo 1
1. Blitz (1)

2. Grab (F)

3. Power Slam (Z)

4. Upward Block (4) (Tier 4 Stage 1)

5. Piledriver (F)

Combo 2
1. Body Kick (Z) Tier 3 Stage 1

2. Emberstomp (3) Tier 3 Stage 3

3. Grab (F)

4. Headbutt (X) Tier 3 Stage 1

5. Execute (X)

6. Knee (F) Tier 1 Stage 1

Combo 3
1. Emberstomp (3) Tier 3 Stage 3

2. Fury (E) Tier 4 Stage 1

3. Wrath (LMB) Tier 2 Stage 1

4. Cleave (RMB) Tier 4 Stage 3

5. Wrath (LMB) Tier 2 Stage 1

6. Cleave (RMB) Tier 4 Stage 3

7. Wrath (LMB) Tier 2 Stage 1

PvP Combo

1: Axe Sweep (4)

2: Grab (F) Tier 3 Stage 2

3: Emberstomp (3) Tier 3 Stage 2

4: Blitz (1) Tier 4 Stage 1

5: Judgement (LMB) Tier 4 Stage 2

6: Cleave (RMB) Tier 4 Stage 2

7: Judgement (LMB)

8: Cleave (RMB)

9: Ram (2) Tier 4 Stage 2

10: Judgement (LMB)

11: Cleave (RMB)

12: Judgement (LMB)

13: Cleave (RMB)

14: Stone Shield (V) Tier 4 Stage 4

15: Judgement (LMB)

16: Cleave (RMB)

Blade Dancer
Blade Master
Force Master
Kung Fu Master