BNS Force Master Guide for Beginners

Striking all foes with heavy magic damage from a safe distance. Ice and Fire are their elemental power. Fire represents the power of attack while ice takes care of defense and controlling the battlefield. Their powerful force can devastate enemies into ashes in a short time. However, their weakness is durability. It will be a tough time if enemies can rush into them.


The Force Master uses their bangle to cast forceful spells. The Force Master is depicted as a wizard class in other games who can use heavy AoE spells and possesses crowd control ability. They represent the damage dealer role like assassin or destroyer, however their attack force is long range and it is magic. Having a Force Master in a party will be easier to clear out the mob of enemy. Yun, Lyn, and Gon can take control of the power of fire and ice.


The best attributes for this spell caster are Pierce, Critical, and Accuracy.
Pierce will grant your attack to ignore enemy’s defense. Critical amplifies your damage, and Accuracy will cause your attack to less miss. With these attributes, your attack will be powerful and if you are guarded well by your team, the battle will be one sided because you can strike enemies hard and they cannot reach you.

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When looking for items to equip a Force Master, you should stick with items that give you Critical and Pierce. These 2 stats will give you extra damage than normal. Critical will double your damage while Pierce will let your damage go through an enemy’s defense. It will result in you killing the tank easier. By the way, if you look for more HP, you can find some gears with Health to offset your weakness.

Soul Shield

Soul shield or Bo-Pae for Force Master, it is recommended to use a mix of Yeti and Nightmare/Thunder Prison soul shield for crit and HP mix. Critical is for more damage to wipe the mob of threat as fast as possible which is significant in leveling, while HP will give you more durability. It is a smart choice to balance offense with survivability. Since this class is very fragile, you wouldn’t want to die again and again.


Gems choice for this class should consider Topaz first. The effect of this yellow gem is to add more damage to disabled units. Since skill from ice are often involved with crowd control, it is a good opportunity to punish an enemy quicker. Amethyst is interesting too, due to the critical strike from a Force Master being powerful, you will get heal whenever the critical occurs.


Notable Skills

Flame Palm
Launch a fireball to an enemy, at least you should level it once to increase projectile speed. Using this one often can give an enemy less time to counter.

Force Palm
This is an important skill, slowing enemy to reduce the gap between you and a threat. Since you are very fragile, keeping distance is needed to be adopted as your instinct.

  • Inflicts 1 stack of Frostbite for 6 sec
  • Increased projectile speed [Tier 2 Form 1]
  • Increases defense by 10% on using Frost skills [Tier 2 Form 1]

Ice Prison>Ice Flower
You are not a good Force Master if you ignore this skill. Locking down enemies for several seconds is what every one needs. When it transforms to Ice Flower, you will gain a shield to protect yourself as well.

  • Locks enemies in Ice Prison for 8 sec
  • Increases defense by 10% on using Frost skills
  • Ice Flower: Protects the user with Ice Prison for 3 sec on taking damage while Ice Flower is active [Tier 2 Form 2]

Arctic Spirit>Arctic Blast
Hell yeah, you need multiple crowd control skill and this one is your answer. Freezing skill is like stun and control. It is very frightening skill in both boss fight and PvP.

  • Freezes enemies for 5 sec
  • Creates 1 Frost Orb on hit [Tier 2 Form 1]
  • Removes Internal Bleeding [Tier 2 Form 1]
  • Arctic Blast: Stuns enemies for 2 sec, Freezes enemies for 5 sec, Counts as 2 stuns [Tier 3 Form 3]

Create an ice to protect and absorb damage taken. As Force Master has a lot of sword, this ability presents as shield. It is really useful for you. Just remember don’t move when activating it.

  • Protects the user and nearby party members from projectiles for 10 sec [15 sec on Tier 2 Form1]
  • Heals the user and nearby party members 5% of their health over 10 sec [15 sec on Tier 2 Form1]
  • User and nearby party members take 30% reduced damage
  • Breaks if the user moves
  • Increases defense by 10% on using Frost skills
  • Moves with the user [Tier 3 Form 2]

Blaze Palm
No need for description, this one is the best fire strike for you.

  • Burns enemies for 6 sec
  • Creates 3 Flame Orbs [Tier 3 Form 1]
  • Does not generate threat [Tier 3 Form 1]
  • Can be instantly used 1 more time on critical hit [Tier 4 Form 1]

Blaze Spirit
Burn enemies in huge area. Upgrading will maintain the same effect but more damage and bigger area.

  • Inflicts 1 stack of Ember
  • Cannot be deflected
  • Deals 48 ~ 56 [4.00] additional fire damage to Burned enemies
  • Removes Frostbite, Freeze, Deep Freeze, Ice Prison from party members
  • Cast speed accelerates on consecutive use [Tier 5 Form 1]

Deal fire damage overtime around caster, it is best to use when you and party are getting flanked.

  • Ignores defense
  • Inflicts 2 stacks of Ember
  • Extends the duration of Burn up to 4 sec
  • Stacks Ember up to 5 times



Fire combo
For damage output
Flare – Blaze Palm – Flame Palm- Explosion – Blaze Spirit – Flame Palm

Ice Combo
For set up CC

Frost Palm – Ice Prison – Frost Palm – Arctic Spirit – Force Palm

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