Force Master

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Available Races:

What make the Force Master differ from other classes is its ability to attack from a long range, enabling them to deal heavy damage from afar. They become a dynamic addition to any battle with their swift strikes and ability to move around while on the offense. Careful positioning is key to their survival since they have less endurance than the other classes.

Switching between elements can be freely done by the Force Master. With repeated attacks, damage can be stacked with their fiery Fire abilities. Enhancing their defenses and controlling the battlefield can be done by their freezing Ice powers. They can also render an enemy helpless against incoming attacks by snatching an enemy and holding them suspended in the air with careful focus.

Although PvP arenas are more challenging for a Force Master, other classes can’t be at par with their ability to handle groups of enemies. Overcoming the direct attention of a fellow warrior can only be done by a truly skilled Force Master.

Compelling single-target spells, area-of-effect abilities, and important crowd-control are what this ranged class can be proud of. However, by doing so, they also sacrifice defensive ability, restricted escape options, and are constantly required to cautiously manage their main asset: Focus. To be effective, they are also one of the many classes that depend greatly on debuffs. With the right skills, the effect is a mighty spell caster regardless of these well-defined exchange.

Causing flame and cold damage are what the Force Masters use their abilities for. By switching between their Fire Mode Stance or Frost Mode Stance, they can also utilize more compelling abilities from each stance. All Force Masters will need to exquisitely juggle the right place and time to use each, although not all abilities will need a stance.

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Featuring powerful abilities, the primary damage dealing stance is the Fire Mode Stance. Embers are stacked on the target with Fire skills. To cause additional damage, the Force Master can detonate them when it reaches 5 Embers. After that, he can apply the Burn debuff. Fire abilities deal more damage when enemies are burning.

Crowd control, defensive skills, and Focus-regaining abilities are contained in Frost Mode Stance. The Force Master’s character defenses are increased by Frost skills. You can limit an enemies’ movement speed by giving them the Chill debuff through recurrent use of Frost abilities. Freezing the opponent in place can be achieved with enough Chill. Even going as much as getting the opponent completely out of combat with Deep Freeze.

Force Master Gameplay

Although dealing either Fire or Ice damage is what a Force Master focuses at, not all abilities are flame- or cold-based too. With the use of Phantom Grip, Force Masters can go through an opponent’s defenses to rear them in. By doing so, they can either choke and dangle them in the air, drain their health, blow them away with loosened energy, or even slug them away.

By choosing the right items, you can also increase the damage of Abilities that are in the Fire or Ice category. . In the long run, especially when you reach the dungeons in the end game, damages of these type will prove to be very useful.

Promptly getting rid of enemies can be achieved with the Force Master’s area-of-effect abilities in group play. Meanwhile, whittling down enemies’ health effectively can be achieved by stacking Burn debuff on bosses. The boss may also summon smaller minions in the fight, therefore changing to Frost Mode Stance can single out and spoil the minions’ movement. Force Masters can also render themselves defensible and cannot be targeted by immediately turning themselves to ice. That is, before thawing themselves to deal fatal power again.

The Force Master’s weaknesses become more conspicuous when it comes to arena PvP. The challenges becomes more than just simply deciding between casting Fire or Ice abilities. It becomes even more complicated due to a combination of restricted number of escape abilities and the time-consuming cooldowns that accompany those skills. Make your Force Master even more competitive by giving way to instant-cast abilities, fast casting speed, and skills that pierce defenses over high-damaging abilities.

blade and soul force master gameplay

Force Master Combos

Common Combos

Combo 1

1. Blazing Palm (LMB)

2. Phantom Grip (4)

3. Blazing Wall (V)

4. Phantom Push (2)

5. Inferno (X)

6. Blazing Beam (2) (Dragonchar) Tier 2 Stage 3

Combo 2

1. Blazing Palm (LMB)

2. Inferno (X) Tier 2 Stage 2

3. Blazing Palm (LMB)

4. Meteor Shower (V) (Blazing Wall) Tier 2 Stage 2

5. Blazing Palm (LMB)

6. Short Fuse (C) Tier 2 Stage 1

Combo 3

1. Frost Palm (RB)

2. Cold Snap (Z) (Ice Coil) Tier 3 Stage 3

3. Dragonwhorl (3)

4. Ice Rain (2) (Dragonchar) Tier 3 Stage 4

5. Ice Rain (2)

6. Ice Rain (2)

7. Ice Rain (2)

8. Ice Rain (2)

PvP Combo

1. Glacial Beam (3) Tier 3 Stage 3

2. Blaze Step (Q)

3. Frost Palm (RB) Tier 4 Stage 1

4. Blazing Palm (LMB) Tier 4 Stage 2

5. Impact (1) Tier 3 Stage 1

6. Fire Storm (Tab) Tier 4 Stage 2

7. Frost Palm (RB)

8. Blazing Palm (LMB)

9. Rising Blaze (Z) Tier 2 Stage 2

10. Phantom Grip (4)

11. Bolt Bash (1)

12. Frost Palm (RB)

13. Blazing Palm (LB)

14. Inferno (X) Tier 3 Stage 2

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