Kung Fu Master

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A Kung Fu Master’s true power is their ability to catch an opponent’s attack, divert the blow, then counter-attack in the blink of an eye, in addition to their mighty punches and kicks that can lay waste to enemies. The Kung Fu Master is recommended only for the more experienced due to the precision needed to switch between offensive and defensive abilities.

Through use of combination attacks, stringing together a long chain of blows one after another, Kung Fu Masters can control the flow of combat. They are most effective in one-on-one combat, although they are also capable of facing multiple enemies at once, leaping and pouncing from one foe to another.

How well they cooperate with other warriors is the Kung Fu Master’s greatest strength. While teammates pour on the damage, the Kung Fu Master can force an enemy into submission by leading the charge.

Requiring superior reflexes, powerful situational awareness, and fast decision making, the Kung Fu Master is likely the most convoluted class. Specific conditions can trigger a strong variety of skills that this class has more than any other. Successfully landing hits, dodges, counters, or critical strikes can usually get these conditions.

Using both fists and feet, successful Kung Fu Masters have skills that can be quickly linked together in combos. By doing so, they reach earthshaking damage output. Initiating combat and simply punching or kicking opponents down is not enough anymore. Activating a number of strong damage abilities can be achieved by strategically timing your defenses correctly at higher levels, although that too will leave you nearly defenseless.

Kung Fu Masters have a particular condition to damage upon their enemies, just like other classes. With the Grapple, they can wrestle the opponent down and follow up with arm breaks, headbutts, or simple ground pounds.

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Kung Fu Master Gameplay

Fire and Wind are the two types of damage that the Kung Fu Master focuses on. An elemental damage also accompanies some, but not all, skills. When the right item has been selected, skills that do will have higher damage dealt. In the long run, especially when you reach the dungeons in the end game, damages of these type will prove to be very useful.

Since they are only one of the two classes that can generate threat, the Kung Fu Master will generally keep the Boss focused on them while in a party. To avoid damage, this class needs to be at the top of their game when it comes to both timing their counters and their dodge abilities. That, and chaining combos to keep the threat level high. Kung Fu Masters rely on coordination with their team members to line up combos since many of their high damage skills are only activated on certain conditions.

The Kung Fu Master has to understand and anticipate their opponents’ moves to react in time when in arena PvP. The Kung Fu Master’s strength is Countering, both with the skill named Counter, and in the tactic. What highlights a truly skilled Kung Fu Master is their ability to use their opponent’s power against them, predicting their actions, and out-maneuvering them.

blade and soul kung fu master gameplay

Kung Fu Master Combos

Common Combos

Combo 1
1. Leading Palm (X)

2. Searing Palm (X)

3. Straight Jab (LMB)

4. Swift Strike (2)

5. Straight Jab (LMB)

6. Swift Strike (2)

Combo 2

1. Dash Left (Q)

2. Searing Palm 1 (X)

3. Dash Right (E)

4. Searing Palm 2 (X)

5. Leading Palm (X)

6. Searing Palm 3 (X)

7. Comet Strike (4) Tier 4 Stage 3

8. Searing Palm 4 (X)

Combo 3

1. Tiger Strike (2) (Swift Strike) Tier 3 Stage 4

2. Hellfire Kick (4)

3. Backstep (S,S)

4. Tiger’s Pounce (LMB)

5. Grapple (Tab)

6. Armbar (4)

PvP Combo

1. Dash Left (Q)

2. Tremor (V) Tier 4 Stage 1

3. Shin Kick (3) (Leg Sweep) Tier 4 Stage 2

4. Searing Blow (F) (Cyclone Kick) Tier 3 Stage 3

5. Straight Jab (LMB) (Tier 4 Stage 1)

6. Shin Kick (3) (Leg Sweep) Tier 4 Stage 2

7. Searing Blow (F) (Cyclone Kick) Tier 3 Stage 3

8. Straight Jab (LMB) (Tier 4 Stage 1)

9. Rising Dragon (Z) (Tier 4 Stage 2)

10. Shin Kick (3) (Leg Sweep) Tier 4 Stage 2

11. Searing Blow (F) (Cyclone Kick) Tier 3 Stage 3

12. Straight Jab (LMB) (Tier 4 Stage 1)

13. Shin Kick (3) (Leg Sweep) Tier 4 Stage 2

14. Searing Blow (F) (Cyclone Kick) Tier 3 Stage 3

15. Straight Jab (LMB) (Tier 4 Stage 1)

16. Comet Strike (4) (Tier 4 Stage 2)

17. Shin Kick (3) (Leg Sweep) Tier 4 Stage 2

18. Searing Blow (F) (Cyclone Kick) Tier 3 Stage 3

19. Straight Jab (LMB) (Tier 4 Stage 1)

20. Shin Kick (3) (Leg Sweep) Tier 4 Stage 2

21. Searing Blow (F) (Cyclone Kick) Tier 3 Stage 3

22. Straight Jab (LMB) (Tier 4 Stage 1)

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