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Overwhelming enemies as a team is what the Summoner and its Familiar are good at. Keeping the attention of the opponent focused at him and getting in the thick of things are what the Familiar does. Hindering their shared enemy and helping their feline friend with long range skills is what the Summoner does while also working from the background.

Don’t be fooled by these pairs’ lovable appearance. Summoners are specifically difficult to deal with, due to their manipulating of the flow of battle with the use of their constant damage dealing. Regardless of one ally falling down in defeat, the other can easily pick up the fight and resuscitate the defeated.

Displacing health from enemies to themselves are the strongest suit for the Summoner and her feline partner. With heir broad range of maneuvers and skills, mastering the Summoner is a challenging procedure, although it is also a great class for beginners.

Playing Batman and Robin, the Summoner can always be found with its feline Familiar. While the Familiar engages in melee and distract the opponent, the Summoner takes control of the battlefield from afar.

Much of the Summoner abilities is to keep the opponent where they are, so their more than able Familiar can hack them to pieces. The Summoner is also more prone to damage than their feline partner, so in addition to offensive skills, they also have defensive skills to help them quickly get out of a sticky situation.

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Summoner Gameplay

The Earth and Wind elements are called upon when the Summoner is in battle, and they are able to do this due to their strong attraction with nature. An elemental damage also accompanies some, but not all, skills. When the right item has been selected, skills that do will have higher damage dealt. In the long run, especially when you reach the dungeons in the end game, damages of these type will prove to be very useful.

The Summoner is considered by many as an important part of the group. They are the only class than can do group healing activities, in addition to them being able to save an ally that is in danger. If there are more than one opponent, the Summoner can easily take the second down while the Familir is dealing with the more primary enemy. The Familar can also have defensive abilities if played right by his Summoner. Together with its Familar, a highly skilled Summoner can play solo without the need of other party members.

It is recommended for a Summoner to focus on improving their defensive skills, as when to comes to arena PvP, an opponent that knows to well will normally ignore the Familar and go for the more inferior Summoner’s neck instead.

Using your Familiar’s abilities, you can trick your opponent to exhaust their escaping skills. And when they do, trap them in place with the Summoner’s skills and release the power of your Sunflower to finish the game.

blade and soul summoner

Summoner Combos

Common Combos

Combo 1
1. Lunge (TAB)

2. Doom ‘n’ Bloom (F)

3. Strike (C) – Tier 2 Move 2

4. Uppercut (V)

5. Play Time (V)

Combo 2
1. Weed Whack (1) – Tier 3 Move 3

2. Flying Nettles (F)

3. Thorn Strike (2) – Tier 4 Move 2

4. Doom ‘n’ Bloom (F)

5. Rumblebees (RMB) – Tier 3 Move 2

6. Rosethorn (LMB) – Tier 3 Move 1

Combo 3
1. Lunge (TAB)

2. Doom ‘n’ Bloom (F)

3. Anklebiter (V)

4. Power Pounce (TAB)

5. Headbutt (X)

PvP Combo

1: Lunge (TAB) – Tier 3 Move 1

2: Power Pounce (TAB) – Tier 4 Move 1

3: Flying Nettles (F) – Tier 5 Move 2

4. Rosethorn (LMB) – Tier 5 Move 1

5: Sunflower (RMB) – Tier 5 Move 4

6: Rosethorn (LMB)

7: Sunflower (RMB)

8: Rosethorn (LMB)

9: Sunflower (RMB)

10: Rosethorn (LMB)

11: Sunflower (RMB)

12: Rosethorn (LMB)

13: Sunflower (RMB)

14: Strike (C) – Tier 3 Move 2

15: Weed Whack (1) – Tier 2 Move 1

16: Doom ‘n’ Bloom (F) – Tier 4 Move 1

17: Rosethorn (LMB)

18: Sunflower (RMB)

Blade Dancer
Blade Master
Force Master
Kung Fu Master