Blade and Soul Will Give You A Combat System With Smooth Action and Flow Experience

battleNCsoft is now focusing on bringing Team Bloodlust’s brassy Unreal Engine 3-based action-MMO to North American and Europeasn shores after its successful launch in Korea. The hype and excitement for this Korean martial arts MMO keep getting louder as soon as NCSoft announced the release date and business model for its Western fans.

Combat in Blade & Soul is sort of like a fighting game, based on the description put out by NCsoft. To effectively knock out enemies, you will need to memorize and execute actual combo sequences. This makes its combat experience more similar to Tera.

You’ll be able to pull off a few manoeuvres during a fight such as set up counterattacks, block and hop out of the way of incoming enemy weapon attacks and perform offensive magic. You’ll have a variety of ways to strike based on six available classes. The destroyer is on the front line and brandishes around mammoth axes, while the Force Master attacks from long distances with magical blasts. The Kung Fu Master will show you that class abilities are actually more interesting than you think. This class is built to brawl and actually knock enemies over and pummel them on the ground, mang it more than just another standard MMO content.

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If you’re able to time strikes within small activation windows, you can string togethe big combos making the MMO fights more like skill-based encounters. It is definitely eye-catching to see enemies getting knocked around far distances similar in traditional third-person action games, instead of just staying artificially pinned to the ground like in most MMOs. And since distance from target plays determines available attacks, it feels like t hese have implications during gameplay. Also, there will several ways on how you can increase your character’s statistics. Also, equipped items will have less importance than skilled play, according to NCsoft.

In addition to the exciting combat system, there is also a particularly fun mobility around the world in Blade & Soul. Sooner or later you’ll never really need to use roads since you’ll be able to run across walls at high speeds and across water and float through the air as you level up and learn more movement options. It still remains to be seen whether this system will remain fun to use throughout the course of the entire leveling process. Nonetheless, it all sounds auspicious at this point.

In the beginning of the game, what will set your pursuit for vengeance will be a fully-voiced presentation of the story, complete with fashionably directed cut-scenes. How often these cut-scenes will trigger throughout Blade & Soul is not known yet, but many are hoping that the focus on story doesn’t disperse as the journey goes on.

Thanks to the work of art director Hyung-Tae Kim and his team, the game will have a striking art style and interesting gameplay mechanics.