New Blade and Soul Guide from KillerGuides. And It’s Awesome.

When I first started playing Blade and Soul as a Blade Master, I was overwhelmed at the sheer amount of information the game threw at me. Keep in mind that I’m no stranger to online role-playing games, as I’ve frequently beaten some of the hardest content in some of the most popular online games such as the World of Warcraft, the Elder Scrolls Online, ArcheAge and so on. While the in-game tutorials or fansites were helpful, I felt like there were deeper layers of the game I just couldn’t quite comprehend. My chosen class was doing not enough damage, I couldn’t find the best loot and I had no idea how to get the most out of the crafting system. Frustrated, I turned to one last option before quitting the game: The Killer Guides’ Blade and Soul strategy guide.


Gain Levels Quickly

One of the things I love in any MMORPG is participating in end-game content. Usually, it takes a few weeks or months to get to this point, but with Killer Guides’ Blade and Soul guide, you’ll learn the strategies to hit max level in only four days. This guide not only tells you the best places to level, but it also tells you the quests that offer the most experience. I couldn’t believe how quickly I was leveling up when following the instructions laid out in this guide. In the time it took my friends to level one character to the max level, I had already fully leveled three characters!

Unlocking the Power Within You

One of the things I struggled with the most in Blade and Soul is being effective with my chosen character, the Blade Master. With a wide array of skills to choose from, along with weapons and soul shield playing a huge part in your power level, I always felt slightly lost when tweaking my character. In dungeon runs, I felt like I was just holding my team back with my meager damage output. However, that all changed after reading the Killer Guides’ Blade and Soul strategy guide.

This guide claims to improve your performance by 200 percent in any given class, and I found those claims to be entirely accurate. All of the skills for every class are explained in-depth and in terminology that even a total newbie could understand and a game veteran can find something useful. The guide even shows you how to utilize the synergies between different skills! In addition, this guide also tells you the best way to upgrade weapon and armor your character needs as well as acquiring legendary items to further increase his power. I went from being dead weight in a dungeon run to being the top damage dealer in a matter of hours after reading this guide!

Climbing the PvP Ladder

You’ll not only learn how to be effective in PvE combat but also PvP as well. I initially stayed away from PvP combat, because if I was struggling so hard against computer controlled opponents how would I survive against an actual player? This guide lays the foundation for PvP, showing you how to use your skills effectively against any class and what’s the best weapon and armor set to use.

While the guide won’t give you the reflexes you need to master PvP combat, it does give you a starting point. After reading the information in this guide, I quickly rose to the top of the ranks in both arena and world PvP combat. I owe it all to Killer Guides’ Blade and Soul strategy guide, as the in-depth knowledge within gave me an edge. While I wish there was more information about some expert PvP strategies, the included knowledge is definitely helpful and is a nice addendum to the PvE content in the game.

Crafting All Night Long

If there is one thing I just couldn’t wrap my head around when I first started playing Blade and Soul, it was the crafting system. I’ve played plenty of games in my gaming career, but Blade and Soul had a crafting system unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Materials are hard to come by, and I felt like I just kept wasting them making substandard equipment that wasn’t a good fit for my Blade Master. Killer Guides’ Blade and Soul guide dedicates a whole section to crafting, showing you where to not only get each resource but also how to effectively use it. In record time, I went from a crafting novice to an artisan, making not only excellent gear for myself but also making a tidy little sum selling my crafted merchandise to other players.

pvp in blade and soul

But Wait, There’s More!

The guide from KillerGuides is absolutely loaded with information; in addition to what I’ve already talked about, there is information about every dungeon in the game and how to amass a fortune quickly. The best part about the guide is that buying it gives you a lifetime of free updates; as an MMORPG, Blade and Soul updates frequently, and this guide will update to match it. I can whole-heartedly say that any Blade and Soul gamer needs a copy of Killer Guides’ Blade and Soul guide.