Learn how to reach the level cap within 2 days with this Blade and Soul Strategy Guide by Killer Guides. In-depth leveling strategies, class builds, crafting and gathering tips, gold making and more are included in this nifty manual. I myself bought the guide already and wrote my review here.


 Skills System

All 7 classes in Blade and Soul have completely different skill sets. And each skill has its own style and set that requires different attributes and training. Your martial artist can practice and improve each skill endlessly with a skill point resulting in a better efficiency and usage. It depends on a player how you want to develop your skill to make the most out of it. Because of this variation, there are so many ways to play each class. Your Kung Fu Master can be totally different from your friend’s Kung Fu Master.

Skill Tree

As soon as you begin your life as a martial artist and go down into the way of Wulin, a Martial Tome containing the Hongmoon Clan’s mystic skills will be given to you. The Tome will be different between each class. The Martial Tome is special with each martial artist able to develop their own way of fighting style and combos no matter what class they are. It lists all available skills and requirements with a unique skill tree for that class, and each skill could be unlocked by a skill point obtained when level-up.

Skill tree, abilities, descriptions, conditions, and requirements are listed clearly within a Martial Tome. You can decide the way you want to improve your martial art skill since the beginning of your journey.

Learn how to reach the level cap within 2 days with this Blade and Soul Strategy Guide by Killer Guides. In-depth leveling strategies, class builds, crafting and gathering tips, gold making and more are included in this nifty manual. I myself bought the guide already and wrote my review here.

How to Develop Skills

Each skill can be improved for variation effects. Some will boost more strength, some might help you deal more dps, some enhances your healing skills, some will give you a better combo, and more. Literally, the door to improve your martial artist will be opened wider every time you a get skill point when leveling up.

A martial artist can sharpen their own skill every time they want even when outside a fight. Be reminded that it’s not necessary to develop only one build per martial artist. Blade and Soul offers a way to open a new page in a skill book giving an option to save different kinds of builds. This way, a martial artist can swap their strength and abilities at will in any way they want. To show an example of how this swapping builds system works, a martial artist can create a build focusing on damage and balance while making a way into Wulin and can change into a support style while enhancing martial artist skills with friends during a dungeon run.

Remember: there’s is no best build in the world of a martial artist. Each martial artist has his/her own way of fighting. It’s recommended to develop and enhance skills in a way each player prefers.

Ultimate Skill

A tale from an old legend says that there are a lot of hidden powers hiding deep down in Jianghu. When a martial artist can discover these powers, a new ultimate skill will be given to him. These skills can not be obtained through traditional ways such as training, leveling, or spending skill points. And it’s only available to a group of selected martial artists who will get this ultimate power. Be alert and talk to local people in a tavern and listen carefully to their story. They love to talk about all mysterious powers. And these powers await you.


Chi is an important resource for a martial artist to perform miraculous skills such as space bending, time traveling, telephoning, and more. Not only that, Chi can enhance a martial artist in various ways such as body strengthening, rejuvenating, improving agility and flexibility, and much more. An expert martial artist can make their own weapon more destructive by releasing Chi into it. Some may use Chi to dive deep down to the core elements of the earth and utilize its power. A Chi master can even defy death itself. There’s no limitation to Chi power. As long as a martial artist learns more about it, they keep unfolding new powers.

All creations has its own endless life force flowing and linking everything in the world from soil and water to all living creatures in the world. This life force is called “Chi”. It is the main source of power to all creations and related directly to health and power. No one is able to see Chi but they can feel its presence just like the wind. And it can bring all mysterious powers to anyone who can handle it. In the world of a Kung Fu Master, windwalking by utilizing Chi is very simple. Even a 5-year-old kid can do that. Despite this, learning how to master it can take an enter life of endless training. A martial artist never stops learning more about Chi. They keep concentrating and focusing on their inner-self in order to discover a new relentless power.

Each class in Blade and Soul have different ways to utilize their Chi, but it is usually categorized into two methods: to change external factors and to improve internal factors. Blade Masters, Force Masters, and Summoners are known to spend Chi to enhance, change, or manipulate elements in the world. For example, a Blade Master enhances his/her sword with Chi in order to cut and slash everything in their way while Summoners and Force Masters summon help from the Spirit Realm. Meanwhile, Assassins, Kung Fu Masters, and Destroyers are known to absorb Chi to improve their own body. Some uses it to increase physical attack while some uses it to increase agility.

There are other actions of Chi that isn’t limited to class such as windwalking, healing, rejuvenating, and more. Some Chi masters can even perform great actions such as a move called “Dragon Pulses” or even teleport throughout the map using wormholes.

Divine and Dark Chi

There are also two types of more powerful Chi: divine Chi and dark Chi. Divine Chi comes from the holy Divine Realm hidden inside the heart of the world. Within the empire, holy spirits and all divine creatures, filled with purified Chi that can even shake the world, are taking the world in control. The royal family of the holy Divine Realm possesses the Divine Chi and can be passed on to generations. The Divine Chi is the precious gift from the Divine beings from a legend.

Divine Chi brings great power to its owner in order to take battle with all evils from the Dark Realm courageously and fearlessly. However, it’s not a simple task to obtain this great power. Only a few chosen martial artists can handle this great power. Only a handful of people can master it.

There’s also Dark Chi, a totally different type of power from the Divine Chi. It’s the poison of the world coming directly from the Dark Realm itself. The owner of this power comes from demons with a purpose of spreading their wickedness to all living creatures on earth and lead them astray from the way of righteousness. Everything that touches the Dark Chi will rapidly turn into a dark force filled with corrupted power. There are so many poor people turned helplessly into a demon because of it. Even the Chi master can sometimes be a victim of Dark Chi. They may be able to bear it for an amount of time, but finally, they will slowly turn into the way of darkness. Only the Divine Chi can fight this evil power back.

Fresh desire, greed, sin, rage, and all wicked attributes are a main source of Dark Chi. Unfortunately, there are many people seeking out a way to handle the powerful evil Chi and use its power. This group of people usually end up manipulated by demons and falling into the world of darkness forever without a way back, with their body and soul destroyed.

In order to master Chi, it’s important to know all core information about it. With a good combination between theory and practice, a martial artist can slowly manage their way to handle more Chi and utilize its more endless power. Because of its limitless and mysterious power, only a few people can be able to master it. They need to concentrate their inner selves, focus their will, and slowly develop more process to handle Chi. Some people even give up their motivation and turn into an easier way to improve Chi by heading into the darkness and obtaining Dark Chi.

There is always a price to pay for the great power from Dark Chi. And this price means the life of user. There are so many people who lost their souls in order to gain a temporary boost from the Dark Chi. However, there are also those who accidentally fall into the way of darkness. Demons are doing their hard work temping all people to their Dark Realm. Only a few can endure it. A victim of Dark Chi will be marked with “Black Rose”. The Dark Chi user will keep using dark power and finally turn into a demon.

How to Repel Dark Chi

The Way of Enlightenment is the only way to cure Black Rose. It’s a complicated and advanced way of purifying the soul and making it new. However, doing it is near to impossible. First, the Way of Enlightenment is only made known to the great sage. Second, the Dark Chi user will be encountered with great pain during the process. Until now, there is no record of those who successfully eliminated the Black Rose.

Although Chi is a limitless source of power, a martial artist can not always use its power. They will finally lose their “Focus” when spending some amounts of Chi. Each artist has different amounts of Focus in their own bodies. Fortunately, focus can be restored by various methods such as consuming supplies, resting, and even fighting.

Learn how to reach the level cap within 2 days with this Blade and Soul Strategy Guide by Killer Guides. In-depth leveling strategies, class builds, crafting and gathering tips, gold making and more are included in this nifty manual. I myself bought the guide already and wrote my review here.

Character Customization

character creation in blade and soul

Once you’ve narrowed down the race and class you want to play, it’s time to customize the look of your character. Set some time aside for this as you’ll be immersed in Blade & Soul’s robust customization system.

Blade and Soul offers an advanced character customization system for all 7 classes and 5 races. You can customize your character’s appearance as soon as you finish selecting a race.

Character appearance in Blade and Soul can be customized from head to toes. Do you want to have a Taylor Swift’s hair on an Asian face? Go for it. The character creation system goes deep down into the size of your body. For example, you can make your character’s waist, legs, arms, chest, and whatever part of the physical appearance to have any size you want. And yes, this still does not include hundreds of styles for each part combined in total.

Within the character customization screen, you can also change background, lightning, and pose to make sure that your character will look great in all situations. Not only that, you can even compare how your character looks with other races and genders in here.

After finishing on appearance, the next step would be selecting a voice. Blade and Soul does not offer that much voice variations compared to other games. However, it still has plenty of options. Pick any voice that you like the most which you think would best fit your character’s appearance.

Please remember that you can save your character customization under “Manage Appearance”. There are 2 main purposes for this. First, character creation might take you longer than expected due to its advanced and detailed system. This way, you can save and come back to edit it again when you are free. You do not want to quickly complete your piece of art, right? Second, you are able to share your new creation to your friends easily. The saved file will be under your default Pictures folder in your computer.

Learn how to reach the level cap within 2 days with this Blade and Soul Strategy Guide by Killer Guides. In-depth leveling strategies, class builds, crafting and gathering tips, gold making and more are included in this nifty manual. I myself bought the guide already and wrote my review here.