Blade and Soul Announces Business Model

gameplayAfter confirming that Blade and Soul will release as free-to-play for European and North American fans, NCSoft has announced via its official site more information about its business model.

In addition to offering 3 kinds of founder’s pack that will allow access to closed beta, the developer also adds that the business model will be similar to the Taiwanese version. Although we already know that the game is free-to-play, we will still need to know to what extent will it be.

The Game’s Philosophy

NCSoft believes that skill-based progression should be the focus the gameplay, just as how it’s supposed to be played. Unfair competitive advantage over other players cannot be attained with money and don’t expect to be held back with paywalls. Instead of power, gear, and permanent stat increases, they offer cosmetics, convenience, and consumables, because they don’t believe in pay-to-win. Also, the devs has dedicated themselves to provide regular content updates to keep everyone having fun with the game.

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NCoin & In-game Coin

If you have been playing Wildstar, Aion and Lineage II, then most probably you are familiar with Ncoins – the currency that will be used in the cash shop in Blade and Soul. You can buy the currency in retail outlets in the US or through Ncoin online. You can use the currency to buy food, potions, repair tools and other convenience items. You can also use it to improve quality of life by buying character slots, inventory expansions, and Premium memberships. You can also improve the aesthetic effect of your character by buying attires and accessories.

Gameplay will soon begin to earn you in-game currency. Not only can this currency allow you to buy items in the cash shop but also event-related items.

Premium Membership

Premium Membership is also offered in the cash shopm which when bought, will remain active for 30 days. You can enhance enjoyment of the game by getting quality of life benefits when you have an active membership. The advantages of having a membership are designed particularly for the Western audience following the devs’ gaming philosophies.

There will also be tiers to the membership. Tier 1 is the starting level where players can unlock all sorts of benefits that improve as they move up the tiers. With the amount of NCoin and in-game currency that is spent including on Premium Membership itself, membership tier levels increase. You will never drop below a tier once you have unlocked it although in order to experience all the benefits, you will need an active membership. You lose access to the benefits as soon as your membership becomes inactive.

Founders Packs

Those who want access to the Closed Beta will be happy with this one. There are 3 types of founder’s packs and are all valid for the whole Closed Beta period.