Blade and Soul to Join in Korean E-Sports

bns_news_pvp_competitionDue to the official release in NA/EU, hype for Blade and Soul continue to rise in the West. Expect that to rise even higher with NCSoft’s announcement of the World Championship for E-sport competition for Blade and Soul 1vs1 Arena.

World Championship

In North America and Europe, NC Soft is busy with preparing for new servers for that region. On the other side of the pond, in South Korea, they are busy with E-sports that will be held on November 13 to 14.

Starting at 2:45am PST November 13, Blade and Soul’s .World Championship will be broadcasted and televised via Blade & Soul Twitch channel. That will be accompanied by on-site commentaries from DjTechlive, Community & Social Director Omeed Dariani, and Blade & Soul Brand Manager Julianne Harty. NCSoft urges its fans to stay tuned to the game as they have promised to give one hell of a show.

Learn how to reach the level cap within 2 days with this Blade and Soul Strategy Guide by Killer Guides. In-depth leveling strategies, class builds, crafting and gathering tips, gold making and more are included in this nifty manual. I myself bought the guide already and wrote my review here.

Arena Invitational Event

Jaesung Lee, one of the best Blade & Soul Arena players in the world, will also be joining the event in addition to a long list of pros who will battle in the World Championship. Lee will be offering worthy opponents the chance to go against him during Closed Beta Weekend 3.

Submission forms will be handed out where fans can sign up for the chance to challenge Jaesung. Faction t-shirts will be given to the lucky few and a Limited Edition Blade & Soul jacket awaits the one who can defeat Jaesung. Those who will watch via Blade & Soul Twitch channel can also have the chance to receive prizes in chat based on player performance in the matches. Beta keys will be given out the whole time, but a Master Founder’s Pack will be given out every time Jaesung gets defeated.

Players are encouraged to join in 1v1 Arena during Closed Beta Weekend 2. Based on the signups and the internal rankings of that weekend, the top ranking participants in both European and North American communities will be invited to battle Jaesung in a best of three 1v1 Invitational show matches. At 10am PST on November 24, streaming ofthe EU Invitational will start, and at 3pm PST of the same day, NA Invitational will start.

bns eventEU Update

Beginning on December 11, German and French versions will be released for Closed Beta 4. On Closed Beta Weekend 2, European servers will still be available. Anyone who has been invited to participate in a Closed Beta or who owns a Founder’s Pack (detail here) can still play using the English version.

For Closed Beta Weekend 2, all beta characters will receive a one-time copy to the new EU servers. Although it will have to be from new local EU servers, all returning EU players will still be able to pick up from where they left off in the past weekend.

Blade & Soul Closed Beta Schedule

Closed Beta 2: Nov 13–16
Closed Beta 3: Nov 24–30
Closed Beta 4: Dec 11–14
Closed Beta 5: Dec 18–21