NCSoft Answers Fans Questions about BnS Western Server

NCSoft plans to announce the martial arts MMO Blade & Soul in North America release in this winter, and ever since its announcement they’ve been answering fan questions via the game’s Twitter feed. Below is a compilation of the questions they’ve addressed so far.

BnSQ: What kind of feedback will be accepted during the closed beta test?
A: We’ll be accepting feedback on everything. The focus will be on balancing, but UI, Optimization, etc will all be passed on.

Q: On banning regions by IP:
A: No current plans to ban regions by IP.

Q: Will you launch with Lyn blade master and warlock as playable classes or will we have to wait?
A: This is something we are looking into. Can’t give a 100% yes/no answer yet. Sorry!

Q: Will there be Korean and/or Japanese voices for the game?
A: It’s something we’d like to do but can’t confirm anything yet.

Q: Will the controls be mappable onto a controller?
A: Natively, this is something we are looking into. But cannot say 100% or not yet.

Q: At what story arc will the game begin in the West?
A: We’ll start with the first three Arcs. And then the next 3 will be added afterwards, we want to see how quickly people progress.

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Q: Do all characters share the same story?
A: All characters follow the same story, which allows us to make it very detailed but each Class plays very differently in combat.

Q: How will features and updates compare to Asian territories?
A: Our version will be unique, with most up to date features, but staggered story updates (so people don’t rush/get bored). It will be a unique build. Localised (not just translated), with latest features best suited for a NA/EU market.

Q: What are the plans for PvP content at launch?
A: At launch, you can PvP out in the world by equipping PvP Costumes, and there is the 1v1 Arena. End-game PvP aims to be rewarding.

Q: On a Housing system or Guild House:
A: At this time, there are no plans for a Housing system or Guild Housing (aka clan) at launch.

Q: Is there a separate Western development team for Blade & Soul?
A: We don’t have any “Dev” teams on our side. We work closely with the teams out in Korea and request changes/updates/stuff. 🙂

Q: Where are the servers for different regions located?
A: NA servers will be in Dallas, TX. EU servers in Frankfurt, Germany.

Q: Will it be possible to transfer your account from the Asian servers?
A: This will not be possible as the NA/EU version will be unique and may not have the same items/systems as CH.

Q: Will the NA version be censored like the Chinese one, or will it be non-censored like the Korean?
A: We will not be censoring (like in the CN version) the Western version.

Q: Will measures be taken against bots and hackers?
A: Yes and yes. We’ll continue to provide updates following the schedule in other regions. We want to take swift action vs. cheating.

Blade & Soul will enter closed beta this Fall in North America and Europe on 19 January 2016.