Abundant with the beauty of the natural world and a wide variety of inhabitants, the Earthen Realm is a place of marvel. Beasts, spirits, and inexplicable creatures born of the mystical energies of the world exist next door to humans. But then, there are also dangerous mires where hidden threats hide patiently for the unwary. Wandering the lands content in their ignorance of the world and its potential threats can be only be dared by the unwise.

The Cinderlands

Once the heart of civilization, the mainland Southern Continent is where the once powerful Naryu Empire stood incontestable for centuries. Holding back the invading demons from the Dark Realm was what the battleground that is Naryu was intended for, although it was destroyed during the Four Guardian’s battle against the great corrupted energy. An immense barren land of dried up forests and rivers was left where only the muscular and bloody-minded can possibly survive. Nonetheless, some oases remained. In the region, the hub of all activities is Yehara’s Mirage. It serves to take travelers in from near and far to experience a bit of sumptuousness among the devastation.

The brutish Jaofang Village rests safe in its valley away from the Scorching Sands. The Blindeye Bazaar is not far beyond, where untrustworthy transactions of a less piquant crowd work beyond the law. The tomb of Mushin is also rumored to be buried somewhere among the ruins of the Naryu Empire. With it are treasures beyond all imagination waiting to be uncovered. That is, if you first survive the attacks of barbarous Bonemask Tribe warriors, the giant scorpions, and other tomb raiders.

The Viridian Coast

blade and soul the moonwater plainsThe most lovely and abundant regions in the world can be found in the Southern Continent. The serene Viridian Coast is rather comparable to nothing. From the sandy beaches outside of beautiful Bamboo Village, to the unusual depths of the Gloomdross Forest where spectera play, to the lofty shore cliffs of Songshu Isle.

With its abundant green plains, chilly bamboo forests, and valleys where fragments of the earth suspend into the sky to woozying heights, the Viridian Coast rightfully deserves its name. This is where the Jadestone Village is located, a bustling lakeside community where business thrives in the region. Also, the prestigious Hongmoon School can be found here, where it is tucked away in Heaven’s Reach beyond the shore. However, behind all its beauty, the devious Blackram Marauders in the story still remains a threat as they wait to strike at unsuspecting coastal towns. Also, the Gloomdross Forest is haunted by restless spirits.

The Silverfrost Mountains

The Skypetal Plains can be found further north on the Eastern Continent. It boasts of beautiful fields of swaying grass and aromatic wildflowers stroked by the ocean winds. The capital city of the Talus Dominion, Zaiwei, can be found here where it stands as a bastion of wealth and power among nature’s abundance. However, the thieving Lumang Syndicate, the corrupt Hao Society, and an assemblage of powerful monsters will always prove as nuisance to the city.

Frozen mountains full of dangerous heights, blistering snowstorms, and ancient temples of long-slumbering gods waiting to awaken once more can be found beyond the city. It is the grand capital city itself that holds the darkest secrets behind all the enigma and fascination the region has to offer.

The Moonwater Plains

blade and soul the moonwater plainsA bit of water can be a relief after going through the inhospitable heat of the Cinderlands. A surplus of mighty rivers, crashing waterfalls, and vast lakes as clear as a cloudless sky can be found on The Moonwater Plains on the Eastern Continent. The native people of the region consider the sprawling Lycandi Foothills as home. They are neighbors to the Lyn of Brightstone Village and the farming community of Hogshead Pastures. Many curious species such as the frog-like Ploggles and the brutish Hoglin can be found in the historied Sapphire Basin.

However, The Haunted Necropolis lurks nearby. Some 30 years past, the place is where a demonic eruption is endlessly being held back by the courageous Snapjaw Tribe. The skirmishes between the Talus Army and the rebellious Skyhaven Resistance should be watched out for as well since the Eastern Continent is also territory of the Talus Empire.