Arena PvP System in Blade and Soul Explained

Arena PvP SystemWhen it comes to skill-based competitive play, nothing can come close to the ultimate experience of the Arena. There are many varied ways on how you can challenge other martial artists in PvP combat. These can be from simply entering the Arena and competing against other martial artists to testing your skills in World PvP equipped with a Faction uniform.

Enter the Arena by pressing F9. At the start, equipment and character level for all players will be equalized. For instance, in order to be able to compete against a max level player, a level 10 player will be scaled up. However, reaching max level should be a priority if you are serious about Arena competition.

To provide the most even and fair competition possible, the Arena system will match you up with an opponent of similar skill. Meaning there will be no different when fighting with people wearing high level equipment from buying blade and soul gold.There is also another option if you’d rather practice your martial skills and not affect your ranking. At the bottom of the Arena Lobby, select the Sparring option and enter your opponent’s character name. Keep in mind that names are case sensitive.

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Your character will be transferred to the Dueling Grounds as soon as you opponent has been chosen. Prior to starting the fight, you will enter a 30 second preparation period. To contend against your opponent, skill points can be adjusted as you see fit. To begin the round before the preparation timer runs out, press Shift +F once you’re ready for battle.

Usually, there will be best of three matches to Arena combats. With this system, each round will be determined by either the first player to reduce their opponent’s health to zero. If neither does, the total amount of damage dealt within three minutes. To win the match, you only need to survive two rounds.

Zen Beans, the PvP currency, can be gained through most forms of PvP, including PvP daily quests. By winning in Arenas and rather than losing, you can significantly get more Zen Beans. Rewards such as skill upgrades, crafting, and upgrade materials can be bought with Zen Beans. The biggest rewards will come from ranked competitive Seasons though.