Introduction to Blade and Soul Clan Guide

Clans are large social groups in Blade and Soul. Achieve greatness, defend their ideals, and seek out adventure and rewards by banding together.

clan overviewIntroduction to Clans

There are two factions that the clan can choose to be a aligned with – the Cerulean Order or Crimson Legion. All martial artists are required to choose a faction and not remain neutral to either. You also have the option of transferring your faction alignment if you find out that the clan you want to join actually belongs to another faction than what you want. Transferring will cost you your gained Faction Rank and a small fee.

Clan Creation & Setup

A proposal to the Faction Clan Supervisor should be submitted when you create a clan. This will be accompanied with an application fee and your chosen clan name. The name must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be between 3 and 20 characters long
  • One space is allowed, but neither at the beginning or the end
  • Must not contain profanity or other banned words

You can call up the Clan Overview window when you have created your clan. By default, this is assigned to the “H” key.

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Not only can you invite others to join here but also set clan member ranks and warehouse (clan item storage) access. Depending on rank, there will be varied clan authorities. Clan member ranks are given different authority permissions by the clan leader, as follows:

  • Clan Leader: Warehouse access. Full clan management, including clan invitations, member promotions & banishment. Clan rank promotion (leveling up the Clan). Clan disbandment.
  • Clan Unit: Warehouse access. Full clan management, including clan invitations, member promotions & banishment.
  • Clan Elder: Warehouse access. Limited clan management, including clan invitations.
  • Clan Member: Warehouse access.
  • Trainee: No authority.

Clan Application

To join a clan, applications will be required. The Dragonspire is a good place to start searching for existing clans and contact a clan member to ask for an invitation.

Only Clan Elders and above ranks are able to send invitations.

Clan Size Limits

From the start, clans can only have maximum of 50 members. Membership size limit increases relatively to clan levels.