GatheringCrafting should not be missed out in any MMO. Just so, Blade and Soul cannot abandon this feature as well. Crafting is an additional venue to help you create items or materials that will improve an equipment’s efficiency.

Crafting in this game is special, where you don’t have to craft yourself and you hire an NPC to do it for you instead. All you need to do is pay and wait to obtain your order.

There are 14 professions in Blade and Soul, divided into crafting and gathering:

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  • Blacksmith: Build and repair weapons.
  • Alchemist: Make potions and antidotes.
  • Culinary: Cook food; an item that gives you HP and some buff.
  • Jeweler: Make gems for weapon upgrading and other accessories.
  • Pottery: Craft containers like bottle, jar and picking tool like a pickaxe.
  • Soul Shield Researcher: Create soul shield plate which you can use to upgrade soul shield. Also this skill enables you to produce evolution stone for salvaging.
  • Talisman: Make scrolls such as town portal scrolls, identified scrolls, and revival scrolls.


  • Harvesting: Plant and harvest crops.
  • Lumber: Harvest wood from tree.
  • Fishing: Catch fish from the sea.
  • Hunting: Hunt and scavenge meat from wild animals.
  • Herbalist: Harvest herbs from forest.
  • Mining: Discover minerals from the underground.
  • Quarrying: Discover ores.

You can sign a contract with one crafting guild and 2 gathering skills. It is a good idea to sign in a gathering guild to match with your crafting guild in order to find materials easier for crafting. The below list are the recommended matches:

  • Blacksmith: Mining, Quarrying
  • Alchemist: Fishing, Herbalist
  • Culinary: Harvesting, Hunting
  • Jeweler: Mining, Quarrying
  • Pottery: Harvesting, Lumber
  • Soul Shield Researcher: Lumber, Hunting
  • Talisman: Fishing, Herbalist

It is not compulsory to select crafting and gathering as above, but it will be easier to find materials this way. Otherwise, you will need to buy it in the auction house.

How to Craft

Crafting1. The first step is to get materials for crafting. Even though you don’t have to build stuff yourself, you need to find samples to get it to NPCs to make them craft the item for you. This sample can be obtained throughout the whole world. However, different materials will have specific locations and you need to locate it first.

2. Once you get the material, open the crafting panel by pressing the “L” key and find the material you wish to gather. Remember that you must have the required gathering level.

3. Then click the ‘Process’ button. Your material will now countdown the time to show you how long it will take to gather materials for you.

4. After selecting what you want to craft, a small icon will appear at the bottom of your screen and when you hold your mouse on the icon, a small craft window will show the status of your current crafts. At the same time, you can continue gathering goods and repeating the same orders.

5. If you want to craft the same items, it is so simple and this time you will not need a ‘sample’. Open the L tab and select repeat.

Leveling Crafting

You can increase the crafting level every time you order guilds to produce your item. The more frequent you order items, the more experience you will earn. It is worth to invest your gold and time for crafting. When level is up, you will be rewarded with a higher item which is more powerful. Please note that higher level crafts will require rare ingredients and will take a longer time to make requested products.

Quit Crafting Guild

In case you want to change or dismiss your current crafting guild, you can do it simply by pressing L to open crafting windows. Right click on the guild logo and choose Leave Guild.

Quit Crafting

If you want to change guide or you have had enough with your crafting guide, you can make your decision immediately (unless you are in combat.)

Call crafting patch by pressing L, right click on the crafting guild and select Leave Guild.