Martial artists in Blade and Soul who share the same way of life can join up and travel together in order to do something great resulting in great rewards such as completing a heroic dungeon . This can be done by creating a “clan”.

To prevent any unnecessary confusion within the clan, only martial artists in the same faction is eligible to be in the same clan. In case any martial artist would like to join a clan that belongs to another faction, he needs to pay a small fee and transfer to a new faction. Remember that this action will reset all Faction Rank.

How to Create a Clan

A Clan can be created by sending an application with a clan name and a small fee to a Faction Clan Supervisor. There are some requirements in naming the clan as seen below:

  • It should have 3-20 characters only.
  • It should not have a space in the beginning or in the end.
  • It should not contain any prohibited or rude words.

Once the clan is created, up to 50 members can join. The numbers will be increased once the clan has more levels. A martial artist can open up the Clan Overview window by pressing “H”.

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How to Join a Clan

A martial artist is required to send an application in order to join a specific clan. He/She will be a clan member once the application is reviewed and accepted. All clans in each faction are listed in Dragonspire.

A Clan is also able to send an invitation to a specific martial artist. However, this action is only limited to an authorized member who has a rank of elder or above.

Clan Position

Currently, there are 4 positions in the clan and each position has a different duty and permission as seen from the below table.

PositionSend InvitationsPromote/Banish MemberLevel Up the ClanDisbandment
Clan LeaderYesYesYesYes
Clan UnitYesYesNoNo
Clan ElderYesNoNoNo
Clan MemberNoNoNoNo

*All positions are eligible to access a clan’s warehouse.

Clan Ranks and Benefits

As soon as a clan leader starts a clan, it will have Rank 1 automatically. Currently there are 14 Ranks in total. To increase a clan rank, it’s the responsibility of all clan members. They need to unite their hearts as one and complete all requirements in each level. This includes numbers of member, gold, Naryu Silver, Faction Insignias, and Soulstones. The higher the clan rank is, the higher the benefits will be required.

Faction Insignias and Soulstones can only be obtained through PvP daily quests by redeeming “Prestige Points” from a faction’s Coin Exchange Merchant. This makes it necessary for all clan members to work together in a world PvP in order to kill members from a rival faction and grind Prestige Points as much as possible.

Please see the below table for all available clan rank requirements and their benefits.

1Clan creation and 50 coppersClan Vault, Clan Noticeboard
22+ members, 1 gold, 10 Faction InsigniasSmall Workshop
35+ members 3 gold, 10 Faction InsigniasUpto 60 clan members
45+ members 5 gold, 30 Faction InsigniasLarge workshop
510+ members 50 gold, 15 Naryu Silver 560 Faction Insignias, 310 SoulstonesBonus on clan crafting items
610+ members 55 gold, 16 Naryu Silver 610 Faction Insignias, 350 SoulstonesDecreased equipment upgrade cost by 5%
710+ members 65 gold, 19 Naryu Silver 730 Faction Insignias, 410 Soulstones1 more crafting slot in Large Workshop
810+ members 75 gold, 22 Naryu Silver 840 Faction Insignias, 480 SoulstonesClan member now can use Windstride
910+ members 85 gold, 25 Naryu Silver 950 Faction Insignias, 530 SoulstonesDecreased equipment upgrade cost by 10%
1020+ members 95 gold, 28 Naryu Silver 1050 Faction Insignias, 600 SoulstonesUpto 70 clan members
1120+ members 110 gold, 33 Naryu Silver 1250 Faction Insignias, 700 SoulstonesMembers could teleport to a place set up by a leader (it only last for 2 hours with 20 Soulstones as a set-up cost
1220+ members 125 gold, 37 Naryu Silver 1400 Faction Insignias, 790 SoulstonesDecreased mailing account-bound items fee by 10%
1320+ members 140 gold, 42 Naryu Silver 1560 Faction Insignias, 880 SoulstonesUpto 80 clan members
1420+ members 155 gold, 46 Naryu Silver 1730 Faction Insignias, 970 SoulstonesDecreased equipment upgrade cost by 10% and equipment breakthrough and evolve by 5%