Dungeon is one the of most challenging feature in Blade and Soul. It requires a group of martial artists to join forces together and slay all monsters, enemies, and bosses inside. A dungeon run usually rewards with rare items, including costumes and loots, and a large portion of gold. Most of the drops here is an important element to upgrade gears and weapons, including soul shield.

There are typically two types of dungeon offered in Blade and Soul: the standard 6-player dungeon and an advanced 4-player dungeon. Each dungeon type has 3 different levels: Normal, Challenging, and Heroic.

Dungeon Types

blade and soul dungeon boss in sunken pirate ship

Dungeon for 6 Players

This is a default setting for dungeons. A party can have up to 6 members. Normally, a Normal and Challenging dungeon could be completed within a party with less than maximum members of 6. A professional player might even be possible to complete the normal level alone. However, it’s near to impossible to complete the heroic mode without the full members.

On a 6-player dungeon type, players can see all indicators and warnings to all serious attacks. For example, a player is able to see the AoE attack range. There’s also a yellow telegraph indicating whether an enemy attack can be parried or countered or not, while red means a player should avoid it at all costs.

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Dungeons for 4 Players

This is an advanced dungeon mode suitable for a group of expert players only or who live in a same clan. It offers better rewards than the standard 6-player dungeon but is much more tough. The level of difficulty does not only come from the less number of party members alone but everything in the dungeon becomes harder. All enemies in this mode, including bosses, have higher damage, health, and even new attack sets. Additionally, players can not revive a teammate with Dragonblood anymore.

In a 4-player dungeon type, it’s hard to avoid an enemy’s attack since the in-game indicators are almost completely removed. It’s purely based on a player’s experience to memorize enemy movements as well as knowing when to fight, counter, or flee. Watching the surroundings carefully is key to success.

How to Find a Party

party finder in blade and soul

Party Finder

A martial artist who would like to pursue a new challenge with a dungeon can find a party from the in-game feature called “Party Finder” (press F7). It’s like a forum allowing all martial artists to create their own topics such as what dungeon they would like to do, what difficulty level, mode, and any other requirements such as preferred class and so on. Other martial artists who have the same goals can join the party through this system. It also allows all members to leave the dungeon as well as recruit new people whenever they want during the dungeon run. However, only martial artists who belong to the same server can see the Party Finder.

Cross-Server Dungeon Finder

Unlike Party Finders that is only limited to a party who live in the same server, a Cross-Server Dungeon Finder (press F8) allows all martial artists in the same region to do a dungeon run together. After activating it, a player will be automatically moved to a lobby room and meet other players from different servers under the same region. The down point is no one can leave the party while doing a dungeon run. Still, a player is eligible to use a server chat as well as use a Party Finder even though being in a lobby room.

Dungeon Preparation

Before heading to a dungeon, it’s important to assign main duties to all party members. Remember that there isn’t a specific role for all seven classes(Blade Master, Blade Dancer, Force Master, Assassin, Destroyer, Kung Fu Master, and Summoner) in Blade and Soul since the game is not based on a trinity system. Instead, all classes can be a tank, healer and dps on their own based on a player’s playstyle. However, it’s no question that some class can perform a specific role better than other classes in a certain situation.

While in the dungeon, all party members should know their main responsibilities and their composition. Not only that, it’s also important to watch surrounding environment and know when and how to perform a group combo especially when fighting against a difficult enemy such as a dungeon boss.

Rewards Sharing

loot auction system
When a party completes a dungeon run by defeating a boss(es), rewards and gears will be given to all party members through gold bidding like in an auction house. Everyone in the party can bid for an item they want and the item will be given to anyone who offers the highest bid. The amount of gold will be split equally to other members. In case no one wants a specific item, it will be destroyed and all party members will get an equal amount of gold from its default cost.

This sharing system makes sure that all party members can get something in return as a symbol of their victory. It can be an item they want or, at least, more amounts of gold. Alternatively, items below the Heroic quality can use a standard looting system by a party leader.

*** Bidding rewards or getting gold from the winning bid is only eligible for a party member who completed the dungeon run from beginning to end. It means that if any member leaves a party before its completion or joins a party along the process, they are unable to do it.