Blade and Soul is a Korean MMORPG that will be released in America on January 16. The game has already been available in Korea and China, so the players have had a lot of time to learn about Blade and Soul and its various classes. In this article, we will talk about the strengths of the different classes. Right now, Blade and Soul is well-balanced, and none of the seven classes are dominant over all the others. The developer, NCsoft, does patch the game to correct imbalances, so this list is subject to change as the game evolves. The list will mostly reflect PvP gameplay, because all of the classes are strong in PvE.

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BnS - Assassin_v1Assassin might just be the strongest melee class. The Assassin signature Teleport ability gives them unparalleled movement power, and it makes a great opening move as well. The Assassin has favorable match-ups because it can put out such great damage and it is so mobile that its weak defenses are not a problem if you are skillful enough. Like the Blade Dancer, the Assassin takes a lot of time investment, because it is easy to get caught and killed, but the payoff is well worth it. It is important to know the matchups, especially against ranged characters, but if you do then you are in good shape for dominance in PvP, and it is no slouch in PvE either.

Blade Dancer

BnS - Blade Dancer_v1Blade Dancer is a very strong melee class. The Blade Dancer has the AoE capability of the Blade Master but has lower HP and defense. It makes up for the difference with greater damage output. The Blade Master has great damage output, but using it well takes a lot of skill and dexterity, because it has complex inputs that you need to enter in a small window of time. In that sense, it is a powerful class with a high skill ceiling, so if you put in the work to learn it, you will be rewarded.

Blade Master

BnS - Blade Master_v1Blade Master is a melee class that uses swords, as the name implies. It is a fairly strong class- it does well against ranged classes and has a great ability to juggle, as well as AoE and Block skills. The AoE is more valuable than in PvE than PvP. Overall, the Blade Master is a decent melee class that is also a strong PvE class. It struggles most against the Assassin class.




DestroyerBnS - Destroyer_v1

Up until fairly recently the Destroyer was a weaker class, but a recent buff has changed that. The Destroyer is a pretty tanky class that has a lot of control skills to manipulate the opponent and take away their options. However, a Destroyer player really needs to learn their matchups to do well. The new buff made them better against ranged classes, but the quick Assassins and other hit-and-run classes are hard to deal with. The Destroyer is never an underdog, but that takes a lot of practice and match-up knowledge, or else other classes can wear him down.

Force Master

BnS - Force Master_v1The Force Master is the mage class of Blade and Soul, but recently it has fallen off in power. The main issue is that many of the melee classes that were weak against ranged characters have been improved, while the Force Master has not changed that much. As a result, the Force Master has fallen behind. Of course, this might change with new patches, but right now the Force Master is a little behind a lot of the other classes. It is much better in PvE, where it has other classes to draw aggro and let it focus on DPS. In PvP its damage output is not high enough to let it survive in one-on-one situations due to its weak HP pool.



Kung-Fu Master

BnS - Kung Fu Master_v1The Kung-Fu Master‘s specialty is knocking down opponents to set up powerful moves and combos. That gives it awesome burst damage, so it does especially well against classes that are weak defensively. The KFM revolves around trying to close distance, land a knockdown, and then pile on damage. For that reason, the tough Destroyer and the Summoner, who presents multiple targets, both give the Kung-Fu Master trouble. The key to win against the Destroyer is in staying mobile, and to beat Summoner, the Kung-Fu Master has to prioritize the right target and adapt to the current summons on the field.


BnS - Summoner_v1Summoner is a bit of an odd class. It is extremely popular among the top-level players in PvP, but is weaker for the average player. As a result, it is difficult to evaluate. Furthermore, Summoner experiences occasional changes that affect the different players in different ways. Summoner is a class that rewards time investment, but it is harder to master than the others. It is pretty good at PvE, so that can help carry you through the game, but overall it is a strong class.

The developer does a good job at keeping the game balanced, so this is likely to continue in the NA release. The game will have parity with the Asian version in terms of updates, with the exception of one or two classes that will not be available from the beginning.