Recommended Place to Buy Blade and Soul Gold


In Blade and Soul as well as all MMORPG games there is nothing more useful than having enough gold. Gold helps in buying required weapons and equipment that will help win battles. While there exist various ways of obtaining gold, buying is clearly the best and simplest way. You could decide to farm for gold but it would take up so much time before any decent amount is obtained. Blade and Soul was designed for pure fighting bliss, pitting your fighting skills against the best out there not for the drudgery of gold farming. Even after spending time farming, there is some equipment whose cost will still be out of reach. In many MMORPG games buying gold worth $10 is equivalent to an entire day spent gold farming. This gives rise to the art and importance of buying gold.

There are many sites that sell this gold, but not all are genuine, many are simply there to scam people. However, there are most certainly some good ones. After going through various merchants, here are the top 3 Blade and Soul gold suppliers that are not only the good ones, but that are the best.


igd homepage

Established in 2010, InGameDelivery (IGD), is currently regarded as the best gold merchant by MMOBUX who compares prices and reviews of gold merchants. They have excellent delivery and are true to their word. Once an order is placed, the gold will be delivered as soon as instantly or a couple of hours later. If the delay exceeds 24 hours, they will readily offer a refund.

Their screen for making orders is a bit confusing, however, this is easily dealt with by their customer service agents on hand. They have polite and helpful customer service with live chat available. This is useful for answering any questions immediately. Their live chat is also available throughout the purchase to make sure that the gold bought is actually received.

They aren’t the cheapest sellers online, but their speed of delivery and excellent service is worth that extra payment. Refunds are done immediately if they are unable to complete an order. IGD is run in a professional and friendly manner making it ideal for first time and return buyers.

Koala Credits

Started due to the unreliable state of the gold selling market, Koala Credits was established in 2010 to koala credit homepagesolve these problems. They offer a pleasant shopping experience to the satisfaction of their customers. They have a simply done checkout service that only requires an email address and phone number at checkout. Customers are contacted after the purchase and given an order code by which they can track their order on the Koala Credits website.

Due to their popularity, they are sometimes bogged down by buyer inquiries making access to their customer service agents difficult and slow. This also causes purchase verification to be a slow process. They consistently deliver gold and are honest as to its availability. They aren’t the cheapest gold sellers, but have a solid reputation and great support with quick response times. Though they are based in Hong Kong, their customer service agents speak English making communication easier for US customers.

Avatar Bank

avatarbank homepageAvatar Bank is a reliable seller of in game gold and was started by MMORPG gamers. Their prices are quite good and they are reliable sellers. They have decent customer service and are honest about the time of delivery of their orders. Their checkout process is smooth and they sometimes offer extra gold as a bonus, which comes as a pleasant surprise.

Avatar Bank is sometimes guilty of not communicating a lot when an order is made which can be distressting, this however, doesn’t mean they aren’t working behind the scenes. All orders are fulfilled and they ensure the buyers get what they wanted. They have live chat, which is useful to smooth out any concerns and get your questions answered quickly. It’s also possible to track purchases on their website.

If they can’t deliver an order as was expected, a complete refund is offered. They are also truthful about the quantities of gold available in storage.

All the above suppliers are reliable and have few differences between them. The choice of which merchant to use will be largely based on your own preference. They all satisfy the key necessities needed by avid gamers; reliability and trustworthy. Gold prices fluctuate depending on many factors like availability and server traffic, so you might have to look out for that, and sometimes may find it better to go with one seller over another.

The acceptable payment methods for all three suppliers above is PayPal, but credit cards are also accepted but only through PayPal. This reliable payment method ensures that you won’t be scammed, and if you are, then your money is protected. Individually, they are the highest ranking gold merchants currently available. Delivery of the gold is in the 72-hour window barring any problems, such as increased traffic in the game server. With all their offering, they are the best in the industry, so if you need gold InGameDelivery, Koala Credits, or Avatar Bank are the way to go.