Blade and Soul Guide to Crafting and Guild Systems

Learn how to reach the level cap within 2 days with this Blade and Soul Strategy Guide by Killer Guides. In-depth leveling strategies, class builds, crafting and gathering tips, gold making and more are included in this nifty manual. I myself bought the guide already and wrote my review here.

BnS - Crafting and Guild-1The crafting system in Blade and Soul is extremely interesting because so much of it is automated. While other RPGs send you around the game world collecting ingredients and leveling up skills to craft items, Blade and Soul has a guild system where you pay NPCs to do the work for you automatically. This is a great idea, because it removes much of the grind of other games. Rather than needing to grind up many different ingredients, the grind is transferred over to gold, which becomes a more important resource than in other games. This post will provide a basic guide to crafting in Blade and Soul. has a very good explanation on this.

Seven Gathering Guilds and Seven Crafting Guilds

The basic idea is that there are seven gathering guilds and seven crafting guilds. At any time, your character can maintain a contract with two of each kind of guild. Once you have a contract, you can place an order for an item to be crafted or gathered. After you do that, you get a small window near the bottom of your interface that shows you how long it will be until the order is complete. There will be a progress bar showing the time left and a small image showing you what you are due to obtain. Once the bar fills, it will vanish and a new button labeled “Receive” will appear. If you click on that button, then you will get your item or items. After that, another button appears in the same place labeled “Repeat.” The Repeat button will immediately duplicate your order.

Progression System in Crafting

There is a progression system for the guilds. Each guild has its own experience meter, which is called trust. The more you place an order from a guild, the more trust you will get with that guild. You must obtain a high level of trust in order to craft or gather high-ranking items. However, you can only build trust with the guilds with which you have contracts. If you want to switch guilds, you can end an existing contract, but that means you will forfeit the trust and connection with that guild. So you need to make choices about the best combination of guilds for your character.

Every crafting guild requires ingredients from two different gathering guilds. As a result, you will need to obtain some crafting materials from the auction house or buy blade and soul gold to purchase it. The gathering guilds require some work to get going. This is because you need to find “samples”: unique items for ingredients. You need a sample for each ingredient to unlock it. They are located out in the world, but you only need to find each one once.

The best way to decide which guilds to choose is to think about crafting first, and then choose gathering guilds to reflect your preferences in crafting. The remainder of this post will talk about the different crafting guilds and their benefits, as well as which gathering guilds they are connected to. Note that the names may change due to translation changes.

BnS - Acquired Taste-1

Acquired Taste (food guild)

This guild is connected to the fish and grain gathering guilds. Acquired Taste is not that great- the items they produce are not worth much money and are not valuable in battle. They have one good item to sell- the Ceremonial Meal, which is necessary for the Purification Jar, an important quest item. But it is not easy to craft, takes time, and is not as profitable as other items.

BnS - Merry Potters-1

Merry Potters (pottery guild)

The Merry Potters are connected to the grain and tree guilds. This is a very nice guild for profits. The items are not that useful in themselves, but many of them are critical for crafting top-tier items from other crafting guilds. So players of every level are in the market for the Potters’ items, meaning the guild is a great source of income. The bowls and refiners are always in demand.

BnS - Soul Wardens-1

Soul Wardens (transformation stones)

The Soul Wardens are connected to the food and tree guilds. This guild makes a variety of stone ingredients, and that puts them in an odd position. On the one hand, early on their crafts take a large investment of time and money to create and are not very useful. But in the late game, their high-end Moonwater recipes are incredibly valuable, and the soulshields also become good for fusing. So this guild starts off weak, but becomes one of the best guilds for income and benefits later on.

BnS - Earthseers-1

Earthseers (charms)

The Earthseers are connected to the fish and herb guilds. They are a bit like the reverse of the Soul Wardens. They have an extremely useful early-game recipe- the unsealing charm. Lots of low to mid level players want these to unseal their items. However, later on, their charms are not very useful. The Banishing Charm is another Purification Jar ingredient, but there just is not much here.

BnS - Silver Cauldron-1

Silver Cauldron (potions)

Silver Cauldrons are connected to the herb and fish guilds, just like Earthseers. They are pretty bad, though, because potions are very common in-game. Later on, they have a few high-level recipes that are a little valuable, but not enough to make it a good guild.

BnS - Radiant Ring-1

Radiant Ring (jewels and jewelry)

This is connected to the ore and mineral guild. The Radiant Ring’s most useful recipe is keys for early-game players. They are worth money and also good for you to use yourself. Some of the jewels are good for enhancing other gear. Other than that, Radiant Ring has little to offer, and keys are not useful in late game.

BnS - Forgekeepers-1

Forgekeepers (forged items)

The Forgekeepers are connected to the ore and mineral guilds as well. Their most useful recipes are repair tools. These are useless in early game. In the late game of your blade and soul leveling, you will break even on them, so they are only useful for your own usage. They are good to have, but you won’t make a profit with Forgekeepers.

Learn how to reach the level cap within 2 days with this Blade and Soul Strategy Guide by Killer Guides. In-depth leveling strategies, class builds, crafting and gathering tips, gold making and more are included in this nifty manual. I myself bought the guide already and wrote my review here.