Guide to Select Soul Shield in Blade and Soul

Soul shield, also known as Bo-Pae, is an item that gives players additional stats. It will boost both offensive and defensive abilities. Since your armor doesn’t give any stats but defense, soul shield will deal with this issue. Getting a full set of soul shield will grant extra bonus to the wearer. This is unique system that is what new comers should know the game’s mechanics.

There are 8 slots for soul shield. You will earn stats bonus whenever you acquire one piece of each soul shield.

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Types of Soul Shield

There are 7 types of soul shield divided by stats the soul shield can provide:
1. Combat Soul Shield – Grants bonus damage
2. Critical Soul Shield – Grants critical damage/ critical rate bonus
3. Defense Soul Shield – Grants extra defense bonus
4. Block Soul Shield – Grants block rate bonus
5. Accuracy Soul Shield – Grants accuracy to make your hit not miss
6. Evasion Soul Shield – Grants flee rate to dodge enemy’s attack
7. Crafting Soul Shield – Increase the crafting success rate

Soul Shield Bonus Set

It’s not just about placing any soul shield into your slot. There is a set bonus for each soul shield. You can acquire a special bonus by placing the same piece of soul shield. There are 3 bonus stages for soul shield set, you get it when you get 3 pieces, 5 pieces, and full 8 pieces of soul shield. However, some soul shield may have 2 stages of bonus only.

Since the bonus can come from 3-5 pieces, you may mix it with your choices if you want a different benefit. For example, you may get 3 pieces of one soul shield and get 5 pieces of another soul shield.

Soul Shield Switching
When you are out of combat, you can change the soul shield to get different bonuses. This is a situational idea to switch the bonuses of soul shield set when you need to rethink strategy like going to PvP, gold making, or fighting specific boss.

How to Find Soul Shield

There are 5 way to find soul shield:
1. Spin a loot wheel to get orbs after you defeat boss.
2. Drop from normal monster.
3. Get it as a quest reward.
4. Exchange it for hero cards.
5. Drop from a boss directly.

Upgrading a Soul Shield

Similar to weapons, you can upgrade soul shields as well. Each piece of soul shield is available to upgrade in order to increase stats bonus. The method is easy, where you just get fusing elements as upgrading ingredients. To find a material, you just salvage the unused soul shield and you will get fusing element. Now you can upgrade soul shield by applying this to equipped soul shield. Soul shield Researcher is interesting profession that player should take if you are passionate with sou shield.


Recommended Soul Shield for Each Class

These are the suggested soul shield set by specific class:

Blade Master
It is because a Blade Master is a versatile class, the soul shield set should depend on the role you want to be.

Tank role: Defense Soul Shield Set (adds defense, HP), Parry Soul Shield Set (adds block rate)
Damage dealer role: Battle Soul shield set (increases critical/hit)

As a Destroyer, emphasizing on your damage output is the best thing you should consider. However, if you want a smooth action and some survivability you may should to balance it with parry or defense stats.

First choice: Battle Soul Shield Set (increases critical/hit)
Alternative choice: Black Dragon Set (increases critical and random parry or evasion), Parry Soul Shield Set (increases block rate)

Force Master
Force Master is a powerful cast, selecting choice of souls shield depends on the play style. If you go solo, you should think about durability. If you go with a party, you can select to go full throttle.

Solo set: Defense Soul Shield Set (adds defense, HP)
Party set: Conjuring Battle Soul Shield Set (Increases critical and HP)

An Assassin‘s job is to kill enemies off as fast as they can, exploiting critical damage/critical rating is the best philosophy.

Best Assassin in set: Critical Soul Shield Set (increases critical damage)
Alternative choice: Scorpion King Soul Shield Set (adds critical, parry)

Kung Fu Master
Kung Fu Master can be both tank role and DPS role but you can also balance it. It depends on which style you prefer.

DPS set: Battle Soul shield Set (increases critical/hit)
Tank set: Tower of Mushin Heroic Battle Soul Shield Set
Mix set: Parry Soul Shield Setc(increases block chance) and Critical Set (boosts critical damage)

Summoner can use their familiar tank for themselves so it is more appropriate to boost more damage. Nevertheless, it is not wrong to use mixed set for survivability issue.

Main set: Critical Soul Shield Set (increases critical damage)
Mix set: Defense set (increases defense+ HP), Hit Soul Shield Set (increases accuracy)

Blade Dancer
Blade Dancer should focus on damage and evasion. Since this class is well known in speed and high damage, balanced stats is better than getting one stat only.

Blade Dancer set: Mix set between Crit (increases critical damage) and Evasion (increases flee rate) Should Shield Set.

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