New Blade and Soul Class, Soul Fighter, Joins the KR Server

While Blade and Soul NA/EU fans are guessing when the warlock will come after the launch in mid January 2016, the Korean server have already introduced the latest class.

New Class

The newest class is called Soul Fighter. SF is a hybrid class between Force Master and Kung Fu Master.

Soul Fighter, or known as Force Kung Fu Master, is similar to a monk or paladin class in other MMORPGs. He is capable of dealing high damage in melee and ice elemental long range skills. Also, he can heal and support party members. The 9th class is available for Gon and Kun races.

In addition to that, other updates were also made in the Korean server.

New Story Quest

The main story line will be continued, with the main antagonist being Julia, who have captured the young Jin Seoyeon. New allies will join the main character in his/her quest to save the young Jin Seoyeon.

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New Area

The story will unfold in a whole new continent with a lot of new areas, dungeons,  new bosses and NPC.
The new region is known as Cloud Kingdom and includes Destiny Palace, a slum, the Coral Lagoon, the Forgotten Forest, the Black Dragon Cult HQ, and more locations.

Destiny Palace is the capital for the Cloud kingdom.

Coral Lagoon is a sandy beach surrounded by coral reefs. Despite its beautiful scenery, it is rumored that numerous ships sunk in this region and it has become the watery grave for many sailors.

Iridescence Port is the capital of Iridescence Kingdom. This is a trading hub where people from different continents converge on.

New NPC & Mobs

The lizard race occupies the ancient temple in the Forgotten Forest.
Forest croc race is one of the aborigines of the Forgotten Forest.
Zombie sailors are found around the Coral Lagoon.

New Instance – Southern Sanctuary

A new instance – Southern Sanctuary will be released. 3 new bosses have been revealed at the official site.

Final Boss: Aman